Isaac’s Hairloss and Recovery

In the first part of 2008, our son Isaac, who had never had a hair cut in his life, started losing all of his hair. Although we took Isaac in for a battery of tests and blood work, no one could really explain what had happened. Isaac went completely bald, and also lost his eyebrows and eyelashes.

Although we still don’t know exactly what happened to him, Isaac’s hair grew completely back over the next year and a half. I finally decided to post this series of pictures because, having visited the sites of numerous families trying to support their children through this affliction, I felt that we need to do our part and make our story available for people in the same situation as our own.

No one is really certain what triggered this, except that our family suffered repeated bouts of the flu lasting up to 3 or 4 weeks during the fall and winter of 2008. Evidently severe depression of one’s system can result in the death of hair follicles. Eventually, as the body recovers, new follicles can appear, which push out the old ones, resulting in an intermediate period of some degree of hair loss.

What is particularly interesting about this condition (if it was actually what Isaac was enduring) is that your hair doesn’t fall out until you’ve actually begun recovering. By the time we saw what was happening and took him in for his blood work he was, by all accounts, healthy as a horse.

Anyway, on with the photo log.

October 13th, 2007 (3 years old, 4 days before his 4th birthday)


February 21st, 2008 (4 years old)

This is one of the last pictures we have of Isaac with all of his hair intact.


April 3rd, 2008 (4 years old)

By now Isaac’s hair had been noticeably thinning for over two months.


May 7th, 2008 (4 years old)

Isaac and I finally agreed to shave his head. His eyebrows are almost completely gone by now.


May 28th, 2008 (4 years old)

Total baldness. No eyebrows or eyelashes at this point. Despite this, he remains an extremely well adjusted little boy, with excellent health, athleticism, and attitude.


September 1st, 2008 (4 years old)

As can be seen in this picture, there was no real change in Isaac’s condition, even after more than three months. At this point I was personally pretty much resigned to the idea that Isaac was going to be completely hairless for the his entire adult life and was working hard to accept this for what it was.

Photo 708.png

January 1st, 2009 (5 years old)

Isaac’s hair is clearly starting to come back in several places, although the the coverage is still very sparse.


January 21st, 2009 (5 years old)


March 31st, 2009 (5 years old)

Our son has eyebrows again!


October 17th, 2009 (6th birthday)

Although it is shorter than he used to wear it, Isaac’s hair has come back completely. The only abnormality we’ve seen in the last two months was when he got irritated with his bangs and decided to cut them himself.


October 17th, 2009 (6th birthday)

Our boy Isaac, modeling the new astronaut’s flight suit his got for his birthday.




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  1. Gravatar of Lori Ryan Lori Ryan
    16. February 2010 at 00:11

    I know this blog is a year old, but was surprised not to see other comments, I am so happy for this outcome for Isaak…I know you guys went through a whole lot of stress and worry over this,,,so happy all turned out so well. BTW; both your kids are just absolutely adorable children!